Morry Moskovitz Photography | Buenos Aires I:Architecture, Boca, and the Tango
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Buenos Aires is known as the "Paris of South America". At the turn of the last century it was the world's 7th largest economy. The leaders then wanted to emulate European architecture, architects from abroad were enlisted to achieve this goal. In the 20 years since I have been to Argentina, there has been an interesting growth of contemporary architecture in addition mostly in the Puerto Madero section. Such a diverse and eclectic city!
BA architecture modeled after ParisianMonument and European styled archiectureSquare with European style from the early 1900sNational hero San Martin's Crypt in Cathedral with guardsPuerto Madero section of modern high rise buildingsPuerto Madero and the Puente de La Mujer bridgeHomeless street people near affluent Puerto MaderoThe Obelisco The obelisk) in El CentroThe Casa Rosada, site of Evita's speechesProtests for better treatment of the Falkland War veteransPigeon shot near the protestsLa Boca-birthplace of the tangoLa Boca and tango dancer statuesScene in La BocaColorful wall painting in La BocaBoca: statues of beloved Maradona, Evita and Carlos Gardel, tango singerLa BocaPainted horse statue in La BocaScene in La BocaCafe Tortoni: Icon since 1850s

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